The main production of NORDWOOD sawmills is sawn timber that we provide locally as well as in export markets


NORDWOOD is a single trademark for three sawmills under which we market the production of AS Viiratsi Saeveski, AS Viru-Nigula Saeveski and AS Aegviidu Puit. We produce the sawn timber from local nordic pine and spruce logs. Our sawn timber is used in Estonia as well as in export markets in construction works as well as raw material in furniture, packaging and wood industry. Approximately 275 000 m3 of the sawn timber is produced under the trademark of NORDWOOD.

The parent companies of the sawmills are RAIT AS and LEMEKS AS who are based on Estonian capital and who have successfully operated as wood industry groups for more than 25 years and who employ approximately 1000 employees. The companies are oriented to export and operate in different markets in Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia. The most well-known trademarks of the wood industry groups are Raitwood, Parkwood, Palmako, Imprest, Pinest, AP Mets, Lemeks, Nordwood.


The main emphasis of our activities lies on credibility towards the customers, cooperation partners as well as employees. This also forms the basis for the stable quality of our production, innovation and customer-orientation.

We pursue the best quality in our work and we ensure it by using the state of the art technology and the skillful team dedicated to its work. We regard comprehensive development and valuing of our employees very important. It enables us to offer our customers the most appropriate production.

We value the ambient environment and consider environmentally sustainable thinking important. Our activities follow the principles of sustainable management.

We consider it important to be open to new ideas and innovative solutions. Our goal is to develop industry based on local raw material by using the modern effective technologies for that.



Although the sawmills have dealt with producing of sawn timber already for more than 25 years, year 2002 can be considered as the beginning of NORDWOOD when AS Rait and AS Lemeks decided to establish a joint company AS Viiratsi Saeveski by purchasing the assets of the sawmill in Vana-Võidu, Viljandi. AS Aegviidu Puit was incorporated with the Group in 2009 and AS Viru-Nigula Saeveski was incorporated in 2012.